Work Samples

1. Indoctrination/Welcome emails, open rates on the large sample

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2. Post Purchase campaign, open rates

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3. Newsletter example - content rich, spam friendly, and yet - visually appealing. 

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4. Reports for such newsletters. Benchmark numbers are: 95% delivery rate, 19% open rate, 4% clicks, 16% ctr, bounces less than 0.33% and spam less than 0.20%. 

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5. Customer Avatar example - profile of ideal customer. This is the one which I created for the virtual assistants agency.
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6. Simple, and yet very effective sales funnel. It starts with the lead magnet and different networks (separate tag for each network), then lead magnet delivery, and instead low-cost offer there goes main product (I know it's controversial approach :)). If they buy, 2 weeks later goes survey - very satisfied, ask to be referral, unsatisfied, make a call.

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7. This is the list cleaning campaign. Screenshot was taken from the client's ActiveCampaign account, but it can be implemented into any CRM. 

Key points are:
1- It covers all new leads
2- It separates active and inactive leads based on opens and clicks
3- If they don't open/click any of the emails in the previous period, they get out of emailing list. Then they get into Re-Engage and Win Back campaigns.

There was no big frequency in emails, so timer was set to 180 days. 

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