The best ecommerce platforms for one small business

During my 10 years of history dealing with small and medium-sized businesses, I learned 3 basic facts:
  1. Picking the right apps and put an online store on the rock-solid base is absolutely crucial. The further you’ve gone, the change is harder. . 

  2. The most expensive apps are not necessarily the best fit. Saving your buck with the cheaper options wouldn’t help you, either. If you’re on the fence, I suggest you call the short-listed candidates and let their sale teams talk.  

  3. No business owner would call for help before they’re in really big trouble. Most of the time, I just fix the errors. Do your research, then get an expert for a consultation call. Pay if necessary, it is well-spent money, trust me.
I believe the best eccomerce platforms for one small business are Shopify and WooCommerce. It depends on own preferences which one would suit it better. 

The best ecommerce platforms for one small business

A few facts:

- WooCommerce is the most popular platform, but Shopify supports over 600.000 businesses. Both are reliable and powerful.

- Shopify is for you if you start from scratch and need an all-in-one-package, while WooCommerce is for you if you already have a WordPress website (it is a WordPress plugin).

- Shopify is the hosted ecommerce platform, their support is top-notch and it has multi-channel integration. On the bad side, if you need some fancy design, you’ll probably need a coder.

- WooCommerce has limitless customization, themes are stylish and SEO options are great. The bad thing is you’ll need to pay more or less for most of the plugins. And you’ll probably need to pay a regular maintenance fee to keep all those plugins under the control. WooCommerce support is a horror show and if some plugin makes the trouble, you’ll need to find who created it and contact them directly.

- Shopify and WooCommerce, both have free trial options, so it cost you nothing but your time to look around and check the possibilities.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, reach me for free 15-mins consultations, I’ll be happy to help. Click here to schedule.

Take care. Dusko