Strategy - Implementation - Results

  • Where am I coming from?

    College Education, 70 satisfied clients, 7 Digital Marketer certifications

  • eCommerce - Creating and deploying a winning strategy

    Website store architecture and the best practices, 6-figure businesses, certification, results

  • Architecture and Platforming

    Get the most of your prospects and customers/clients. Systems you need, plan tailored to your business

  • CRM and Email marketing

    Segmentation, campaigns, copywriting, optimizing opens and clicks, tracking and measuring results, email deliverability, promo calendar

  • Analytics

    Making numbers simple, creating reports tailored to client's business and teaching how to reach strategic decisions based on analytics

  • SEO

    23-point website audit on domain and page level, recommending and implementing improvements, writing SEO optimized articles

Dusko Koricanac - Marketing Manager and Consultant

Efficient, results-oriented and conscientious Marketing Manager and Consultant with extensive CRM, email marketing and e-commerce experience. Rigorous attention to detail, understanding of the potential audience, skills in multiple CRM and ESP applications. A high level of numeracy, digital skills and ability to create engaging communications that incite action. Exemplary organisational and leadership skills, well under pressure and optimized multitasking skills in order to achieve goals to tight deadlines.
  • Fully Responsive

    • My clients are mostly from North America and Australia. I used to work with different time zones.
  • Top-rated Service

    • Along my journey I’ve been luckily enough to be recognized on Upwork as one of the top freelancers globally.
  • Maximum Results

    • Never had unsatisfied client. It takes 10 years to build a reputation, and only 10 mins to ruin it.

Offer: Email Marketing - Full implementation

Step 1 - 4 weeks
- Infrastructure
- Cleaning the lists
- Creating and sending Re-Engage and Win Back campaigns to inactive leads
- Creating Indoctrination campaign

Step 2 - 4 weeks
- Creating the templates
- Creating a promo calendar for the coming period
- Creating the tracking files and UTM auto-generator
- Creating Post Purchase and Abandoned Cart campaigns

Step 3 - 4 weeks
- The sales funnel - designing and implementing start to end

Step 4 - 2 weeks
- CRO Audit
- SEO Audit

Cost estimation: $1,000-$1,200